The TRADEKD Company is a global company with residence the overseas and interrelations with representatives in various places with serious, trustworthy, experienced and skillful scientific associations (instructors, lawyers, doctors and a whole variety of other specializations).

The TRADEKD Company activates in different issues that can serve needs in an enterprise of personal level of supply of services.

food, drinks, beverages

Exports, imports of food, drinks, beverages, soft drinks are personally supported by us.

maritime services

Maritime service in a general level of information.

Intellectual property rights

Issues of intellectual property rights and capitalization.

construction activities

Construction activities of investment nature in interest persons.


Tourism and related partnerships and activities of investment nature in interested persons.


Scientific partnerships at a level of supplying services.


Cultural partnerships.


Athletic and entertainment interest proposals for evaluation.

precious stones , metals

Evaluation of precious stones and metals.

investment, financial

Supply of investment and financial services and currency interactions.

economic cooperation

The foundation and representation of very nature for economic cooperation. Divided cooperation with profit allocation.

dividend policy

We accept offers and any proposal of interest. The global header in online trading.

money club

Money club between members and solidarity and of economic affairs.

(we accept records)

money club sector


Social interaction between members of personal interest.

(we accept records)

social sector



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