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From 1980 the office is specialized in all the above mentioned subjects, guaranteeing the best services having the knowledge and training of multiannual experience, with personal employment in various sectors with management positions, utilizing marketing to modern applications.

For example, such as analysis and management of block of flats with modern innovative designs, with technical training applications and projects.

To the financial sectors, because of the financial knowledge in a professional but also a stock exchanging level. It is also given the opportunity, with your consent, for the development of trading and financial actions.

Developing the deep trading knowledge, is given the opportunity to the interest persons for the establishment of business activities to various products, or new ones that we can suggest you as an office and with the personal support in an economic technical level.

The intellectual property is a guarantee and lies in the fact, from personal experience, as a brands depositor and inventor, book and newspaper publisher, because of the journalistic status.

Utilizing the shipping knowledge for better service because of traveling to the five continents for similar topics.

The interpersonal relations is an ability of a personal level cooperation with the largest neighborhood service offers.

It is about tightening of people with financial participation of developing and solidarity.



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